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My Disneyland Tale (Part 2)

My Disneyland Tale (Part 2)

Day two of my Disneyland experience! I had a wonderful sleep, as expected, and some relaxing bathing hours in the morning just to refresh the little soul a bit before going for another magical experience. The theme for this second day is : LEISURE! We're going for shopping, tea times at the cafes, looking around cute shops and enjoying Disneyland in more relaxing way (compare to the neurotic first day). Shall we now?

#1 : Breakfast at Enchanted Garden

We started earlier today, with a session of breakfast in the very lovely Enchanted Garden restaurant that is located in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Take a look :

Mickey on my breakfast. O yeah.

Snapped some pictures from my breakkie plates and the surroundings. Ultimately wonderful, wonderful place it was.

In frame with Sonia and my favorite Classic Disney characters!

Those are Sonia and Audrio, her boyfriend, then me and mom - posing in the beautiful front entrance of Enchanted Garden.

See, I had a very nice mickey-styled breakfast and series of pictures with Disney Characters that showed up in the restaurant! It's just wonderful. Perfect way to start a day!

Hello again, Disneyland :)


So then we’re in Disneyland again.... (dressing up myself in a Minnie-mouse theme today! Woohoo!) Yesterday we were full of sweats and thrilling-rides. Today me and sonia decided to go around the sweetest part of Disneyland : Mainstreet USA and a bit of Fantasyland. It also means shopping time! 

Polkadot silk dress from Gaudi / Navy blue tights from f21 / Bow-flats from Forever New / Vintage bags

Even it's hot out there, but the crowded Disneyland are full with cute little shops and cafe to cool down! I need to find some souvenirs and gift to bring back home. Let's go!

#3 : Shopping

Mainstreet USA got bunches of tourist souvenirs shops that will make you spend hours inside, trust me. 

As a lover of anything magical and vintage I suggest you to try every bits and pieces of snacking cafes in the Mainstreet (got to shop antiques and candies and snacks everytime – they’re just so tempting). 

I bought some little dolls, keychains, chocolate and sweets, plus a minnie-mouse headband to complete my outfit!

Turning into Minnie Mouse with my sequined ears and bow!

As always I managed to take some proper pictures for my outfit, which was pretty much as I said before - in Minnie Mouse theme. Short dresses are perfect for the weather in Hongkong Disneyland, but thin tights will be also helpful since it's pretty windy there! 

#4. Tea Break

We also spend some chill- out afternoon tea time at the Corner Cafe Sad that I couldn’t take any photos because my camera runs out battery right after I took this picture of Sonia and Audrio... But here are some pictures of the Corner Cafe (located in the Main Street USA) if you’d like to see :  

(picture source : 1 – 2 – 3

We only have some snacks and tea because we’re too full already, but Corner Cafe offers a range of American Midwestern style cooking that are definitely worth to try. Maybe next time I should! 

#5. Tarzan's Tree House

During the shopping, I managed to visit the Tarzan’s Treehouse  in the Adventureland. We took a small boat to reach the little “Tarzan Island”, and enjoy the vintage treasure it has! Sadly I couldn’t take more pictures because there are many people there taking photos of themselves, but these are two clear pictures of the ambience.

#6. Disneyland at Twilight

So after the tea time, we walked around seeing beautiful evening lights at the main street, until another shining moment at the castle. I changed my clothes and because my battery had charged, I took some pictures again! Just to show you how lovely the lights are. And the whole Main Street decoration is. I love their shops! 

OH DISNEYLAND. You’re so wonderful. 

Since we have seen the fireworks yesterday, me and mom went back before the firework because we got to catch a very tempting dinner at the hotel. 

#7. Dinner at Walt's Cafe

Reached the hotel quickly, we had dinner at Walt’s Cafe at Hongkong Disneyland Hotel – they served the best steaks and seafood I swear! For the next Hongkong visit I will definitely came again to this place for the same meals. They’re so so so goodddd!  

My second day at Disneyland was brilliant and sweet. Filled with a shopping time in the retro-french styled Main Street USA, taking millions of photos in each of the beautiful buildings, dressed-up as Minnie with the polkadot dress, bought cute keychains and candies, until finally close the day with sips of

Champagne and fulfill my sweet-tooth desire by ordering desserts as much as I want. 


And oh, several tips and information for you who wants to spend a Disneyland holiday next time : 

  • Buy early ticket only for your convenience. We can save up time without queueing on arrival! Ticket choices can be found here. If you have extra budget, I recommend using special tour services! They’re the best : you can get direct entrance to the attractions, getting exclusive merchandise, enjoying special view  spaces at Disney Parade, as well as concierge reservation for your needs (parking, dining, park tickets!). Information can be found here
  • Try to have some meals or snacks in each park. Each of them are uniquely matched the whole park’s theme, so you’ll have multiple dining experience – from sweet romantic style dining at the Main Street USA, to the ethnic and tribal food in the Adventureland, up to the futuristic restaurants at Toy Story Land! Want to have a peek of the dining choices? Jump here
  • Visiting their official site before coming is a must. You can see any new attractions that has been launched, or special event in specific time (Halloween or Valentine, perhaps), new offers for dining and shopping, reserve hotel rooms – just everything you need to make a well-prepared plan. 

Thank you Disneyland for the precious time... Couldn’t think of anything more magical, entertaining and dreamy places to spend a perfect holiday in! Will make another visit again with more friends. 

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