Dear Prudence

photography Mom

outfit | WEARZS low-cut back top / CLOTH-INC flare skirt / SELITTOES clogs / RIVER ISLAND UK tapestry bag / Inspired by Luce purple roses haircrown


Lately I realise why I seemed to be always engaged in between emotional state of mind and counter-polar people (who become my negative traits when I'm the positive, and so the opposite). It seems tiring sometimes to always having ups and downs simultaneously, but when I withdraw myself from every so-called drama in my surrounding, empty air comes in. It was completely fine, but quite lonely. Apart from how much I always enjoy being alone, there's another huge energy that keep attracts me to leave the comfort and rush into the complicated alliance of perpetual drama. Because no matter what you do to stay flat and comfortable, your little soul always missed that powerful energy. Opponents are not always bad, unfortunate moments are not really useless - because when you counter them with good positivity, there will be an explosion of energy. Balance. Alive. Another kind of happiness :)