Big Yellow Heart

photography Vivi Svarnam

Saying goodbye to something that used to be part of our appearance is not a very common melancholic goodbye, but somehow it does, in my case. I'm saying goodbye to my ash-blonde hair that has been around since my birthday in April. Being a "blonde" girl, in a way, is quite challenging. In my country there's no such bad jokes about being blonde, not in general, but still - having a light-dyed hair and granny looking isn't a very preferrable look for most people. And also for some of my readers/followers as well. I got some not-so-friendly comments about my hair, and the way it made me look (old, grannish, dull, aaaand more)... But what those commenters are missing is the fact that I don't really care about how perfect I can look in photographs. I am honestly, completely enjoying being an ash-blonde, and for any bad pictures or bad hair day, I accepted it all. It was such a fun ride, to reflect. And I had wonderful experience as a woman who take pride on making decisions and live with it without regrets. However, another fun is about to begin - I'm dyeing my hair lilac (pastel purple) tomorrow! It's going to be another chapter of dealing with what people might have to say about my appearance again, but what I care about is always, and will always be, about how precious it feels to embrace changes. To have a yellow hair isn't the most important thing, but to have a heart filled with acceptance of the yellow-hair experience is probably more essential. Big yellow heart, of course.

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