Beauty : L'Occitane Sublime Beauty Series (Review)


Summer is here! As a person who spent most of her time inside air-conditioned room or driving around with air-conditioned car, moisturizer is an important thing. We all want to keep our skin healthy and sometimes we have to change products in order to find what's most suitable for us. I've been using L'Occitane products since my mom introduced me to their Brightening Essence (I wrote about it here). Now I'm going to share you the Angelica series I'm currently using : Sublime Essence, Sublime Beauty Cream and Hydra Vital Gel.

My morning usually starts with a face-washing and serum appliance. The product I use is this Sublime Essence. It's a serum that can refine our skin texture and help to soften the skin's surface (especially when regularly used). I naturally have big pores around the nose area, so using this serum is really helpful. The result can be seen pretty quickly - with more consistent use, I think the skin will continue to glow more permanently.

Angelica Hydra Vital Gel is basically a very light, cooling moisturizer gel that help to soothes the skin for a more radiant complexion. I usually apply this gel in the morning (after shower), after using the Sublime Essence. It's fresh and quickly absorbed by the skin. If you use other moisturizer, you can apply Hydra Vital Gel after that as well.

The last product from the Angeline series I use is this Sublime Beauty Cream - a BB Cream that acts as protecting sunscreen as well. Usually I use this after the Hydra Vital Gel and Sublime Essence. I always love the light feeling these whole products give me, and the neat result as well. I tried several BB cream before, but this one is my current favorite because of its flawless result. You can also use it without make up and it still looks naturally smooth.



Whenever I want to use products, I try to learn about the ingredients before I decide to start using it. Angelica series from L'occitane is made from Angelic extracts : white Iris and Angelic flowers. It's worth because the price is still affordable for the duration of use and great result. I suggest you to try them and share what you think below this post! 

image (8).jpeg
*This post is a collaboration between Lucedale, Grazia Magazine and L'Occitane. But my opinion is always my opinion, and I've been using L'Occitane since last year myself.



Gadget | PIONEER MJ Series Headphones + Slim Micro Sound System

OH GUYS! I'm so excited to finally sharing you the Pioneer products I received last time (that I mentioned in my previous post too). I got the MJ series headphones : SE-MJ512, SE-MJ522 and SEMJ532 to be reviewed, along with one set of Pioneer Slim Micro Sound System (X-HM21V) as well! Unlike usual, I got helped by some of my talented friends who work inside the creative industry itself to get a fresh point-of-view. Please meet them all below!


I asked my friend Ilham, who known as the lead vocalist of HiVi! (a famous Indonesian pop/jazz music band) to try out this MJ512 piece during hanging out and he instantly liked the lightness it has. "Definitely right for travelling," he said. And we know how the story ends - it's almost impossible to get the headphone back from him again. Something that he wanted for his travel trips exactly.

The SE-MJ512 features are:

  • Large 40mm driver units for high sound quality - Bass frequencies are delivered with excellent quality, large 40mm driver units.
  • Compact foldable design for easy carrying.
  • Slim-type headband and leather-style earpads for light fit.
  • The SE-MJ512 comes in 6 colour variations (black, red, white, pink, turquoise & black, turquoise & white), giving consumers the choice to match their headphones to their fashion sense. The headphone’s housing features a ring that matches the colour of the cord, for a simple and stylish design.


Xenia is an inspiring independent photographer who spend much of her time outside, doing street-photography or capturing objects and stories that caught her eyes. She tried MJ522 from Pioneer to connect on her iPhone playlist and complaining, "Man, I hate it. I need a headphone that isn't to small but also not to big, you know, a humble one for me to work with? This is just about to be the right size!" She complained because she hates finding something she really liked. That means she has to asked me to let the headphone be hers, or she has to find one for herself. We both are lazy women like that. "So this one is like a working teammate?" I asked. She nodded.

The SE-MJ522-R features are:

  • Rich, full-bodied sound - Large 40mm driver units using strong rare earth magnets deliver rich bass sound. Accepts a maximum input of 1000 mW.
  • Compact foldable design for easy carrying – easy to store and carry.
  • Stability and comfort (leather-style materials used for the earpads) – A wide headband and earpads using low-resilience urethane memory foam finished off with leather-style materials ensure the headphone is comfortable during prolonged use and reduces sound leakage at the same time.
  • Stylish design with colour coding (7 colour variations : black, white, red, pink, lime, turquoise and purple) – comes in an elegant, stylish design, highlighted by reflective metallic spin finish housing and colour-coding with the same colour as the housing.


"If you work mostly in front of computer screen for hours, or let's say addicted on crazy playing game hours, you need the headphone to be two things : big and comfortable," said my friend Rizky, an independent director, during her trial MJ532 moment. He was quite busy editing visuals from his previous work and the headphone was connected to the PC, where he continually checking the music and sound effect background. "I can wear this all day!" As he said, and I've confirmed, we called this one as The Full-Day Partner because it has comfortable factor that made us agreed to committed with. Maybe because it has the biggest size among the others. Maybe because of its leather pads. Can be both.

The SE-MJ532 features are:

  • Wide response and clear, high-quality sound – Designed to deliver a balanced and powerful listening experience, the SE-MJ532 faithfully reproduces a wide range of frequencies (proprietary sound quality tuning units and incorporates large 40 mm drivers using strong rare earth magnets that produce deep thumping bass and crisp highs without distortion). Accepts a maximum input of 1000 mW.
  • A single sided cord and foldable design make the SE-MJ532 extremely easy to wear and to carry.
  •  The SE-MJ532’s wide headband and earpads using low-resilience urethane memory foam finished off with leather-style materials ensure the headphone is comfortable during prolonged use and reduce sound leakage at the same time.
  • The headphone comes in an elegant, stylish design, highlighted by reflective aluminium spin finish housing. The model is available in 4 (four) colour variations: black, white, red and gold.


As a woman, I never really need complicated sound system. All I need is something for my bedroom or my studio, and I find that Pioneer's X-HM21V is very easy to assemble. Having it on my studio, I asked my friend Adil - who is an awesome music enthusiast and independent DJ - to try out X-HM21V on his program. We love having some dinner every Friday and he usually plays some musics for us, so it will be great if we can get better sound. "So compact," he said during the set-up. He reach one of the headphone, playing one of his remix, and clear vibes spread throughout the air, filling every corners. "Awesome! For a house party and gathering in a room, or one level, this is something you'd looking for. Affordable and easily moved or placed anywhere." Well, I can't agree more.

Some of X-HM21V key features :

  • Play digital and Analog Music : Plug in a USB device to play digital files such as MP3 and WMA, or use the Aux In to plug and play your analog music stored on another device. You can also listen to the Radio Tunes here.
  • Digital music from iPod, iPhone or iPad : connect your iPod, iPad, iPhone via USB to play your favorite digital music (it has iPod stand / dock given for free!).
  • Small device, great convenience :  offers an assortment or convenience features such as Auto Power Off, a Clock/Timer and a Sleep function.

For more information about these products I mentioned above, you can go to Pioneer's official site below :

*Note : This post is presented in collaboration with PIONEER (2014)


photography Vilianty Swarnam

Somedays were totally meant for vintage-inspired outfit. Just like this one, when I decided to doll-up a little bit with my red beret hat and wearing something that remind me of Moonrise Kingdom or The Education... Even not too similar.

{OUTFIT} | GIORDANO washed-out top / Vintage beret / CHANEL bag / STACCATO two-tone shoes / SHANBRINA tulle skirt

OUTFIT | #Styldby GAP : Denim Jersey Top

photography Dimas Hendrajaya

This is my third look for GAP #styldby project, wearing the Jersey denim shirt as an outer over a white plain tee and oversized tea-length skirt in natural khaki tone. The style is also part of my classic basic series, where I paired simple items in basic colors to create a functional vintage-inspired looks for daily wears. What I like best about this combination is the casual/semi-formal impression - something for a lunch meeting or afternoon drink with my girls. And the knot on my Jersey top makes the style kinda looks like some 60s/70s. Give it a try!

{OUTFIT} | GAP Jersey Denim Top / SHOP AT VELVET tea-length skirt / H&M white tee / PROUDLYSHOES Nude ankle boots / CHARLES & KEITH bag

WAKUWAKU JAPAN : AIBOU - Tokyo Detective Duo (DRAMA Review)

After some romatic movies review in the previous posts, now I have to share you my recent addiction : Aibou - Tokyo Detective Duo. As a lover of crime/mystery-based novel stories, I enjoy seeing this famous series so much. It's been aired since 2000 and had 3 (three) big cinema movie launched based on its episodes as well. Now let me share some basic review to guide you, below!

Drama Title : Aibō - Tokyo Detective Duo
Cast : Yutaka Mizutani, Kaoru Kameyama
Channel : TV Asahi

Aibō (相棒 / Partners) is centered on the daily situation inside Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's fictional unit called Special Missions. The inspector of this unit is Ukyō Sugishita (杉下右京 - portrayed by Yutaka Mizutani), a protagonist who partnered with Kaoru Kameyama (亀山薫 - played by Yasufumi Terawaki). This division is unpopular among others, but they're trying to solve difficult cases throughout the whole season.

The combination between Ukyō-san (who's calm and highly intelligent) and Kaoru (the energetic and young-spirited) is my favorite thing from this movie. It brought the stories into something more rich and real, which is way more enjoyable. I also love the wicked genius crime scenes, the story-telling, the sets, the songs... Aibou might not using a drama approach, but it does talk about life a lot.

Watching Aibou, just like watching any other Japanese drama and entertainment content has been a lot easier now for Indonesian fans, thanks to WAKUWAKU JAPAN. If you're looking for WAKUWAKU JAPAN Channel at home, go to Ch. 168 (Indovision) or Ch. 32 (OKEvision). For searching another programs or checking schedule, you can go to their Official Site. Happy Watching!

The Classic Black

photography Dian Paramita

Once in a year, I picked one most favorite outfit to be worn on a special day. It keeps changing from year to another... But this year, I certainly picked the most favorite of all, an outfit that I feel completely represent my way of dressing up. A set of black to black outfit from head to toe. I got back to my roots - the classic simplicity. I turned a year older, but the clock has reset to a new beginning. It's another new start that I can't wait to cherished. Happy Birthday to me.



{OUTFIT} | H&M Stripes Top / Homemade Black Tea-Length Skirt / STEVE MADDEN pumps / CHARLES & KEITH black leather purse / Vintage Bow Hairpiece

Event // Charles Keith SS2014 x GRAZIA Magazine

A couple weeks ago (April 23rd, 2014) I had a wonderful chance to host a launching event by CHARLES & KEITH and GRAZIA Magazine along with other bloggers : Bethany Putri, Cinta Ruhama Amelz, Catherine Soepadhi and Michelle Hendra. We were having the launch of CHARLES & KEITH Spring/Summer 2014 Collection and Fashion Talkshow with GRAZIA Magazine - represented by Yoland Handoko (Fashion Editor) and Saskia Damanik (Executive Fashion Editor). The event itself was held at CHARLES & KEITH store at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall Jakarta and attended by such a fun crowd!

The whole SS2014 collection from CHARLES & KEITH are just beautiful. For such design and affordable pricing, they're reasonable to shop. I especially love the wide range of options that allowed customers with different styles to find something for themselves. You can find metallic and silver, black and white, along with mint and pink pastel colors, side-by-side with racks of colorful summery tones like yellow, orange, and green.

The talkshow was fun because we had enthusiastic audience who asked variety of questions to the speakers. And since the bloggers were allowed to invite some of their readers, we also had a short meet-and-greet moment with them during the event!

So before the event, we bloggers got a chance to pick 5 of our favorite CHARLES & KEITH items from its latest collection to be brought home. It's not an easy thing to do really... Especially because I love the whole batch, and there are so many basic-to-pastel colors to choose! After some hunting hours, I came down to these 5 key-items below:

I decided to pick my favorite colors, and the one that I'd likely wear the most. I go for two pointed shoes because it's classic, even with the touch of glass-transparent heels on the white one and gold line on the back of the pink pastel heels. For the bags, I picked one big handbag in white that has eyelet laser cuts on its surface - I think the details are beautiful, and I always need a bigger bag to carry my camera around. The Tan Brown satchel is in medium size, and the black one is the smallest (it's like a semi-clutch with gold chain strap). Both are choosen because of its versatility - brown and black are easily paired with almost anything.

Alright, that was the recap from CHARLES & KEITH x GRAZIA SS2014 Collection Launch! But there is more for you to catch - a SUMMER HOLIDAY competition to win a 3 days trip to Bali! If you want to now how, go to THIS PAGE and follow the instruction. Goodluck!