Christmas Gift Idea #1 : Custom Illustrated Decor & Stationary

My Deer framed-illustration from Printerous

It's holiday season and I work everyday. Not a pleasant news to hear, since I barely have time for any Christmas Gift Shopping Day Outside The House. But thanks to my manager, Ajeng, I found some ideas to prepare proper gifts without leaving my working table. She showed me a website called PRINTEROUS, who focused on digital printing and gift-making for our special ones. We can browse images (can be illustration, letter art, photograpahy and more graphic) from various artist listed on their site, then choose which gift we want to put the illustration on : cushion? Framed-photo for the wall? Phone case? Or simply your own preferred card. All that and your orders will be shipped to the given address. Simple and easy!

(Disclaimer: This is NOT an advertorial post, I write this because I think it's a good idea to help someone out there who faced the similar situation like mine.)


Coffe + Card. YAS!

Lettering Art. Best in brush.

Corgi is LIFE.

One Pretty Lady. With Scarf.

I Definitely Am. *COFFEE*

Canvas Bunny. With Boots.

Pantone colors 2016: pink - blue!


Bunny in Pink... NEED.


For more options, go to WWW.PRINTEROUS.COM and choose: Christmas! xx